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ETABS Advance
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ETABS Advance

ETABS Advance

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ETABS Advance

The course will cover all the steps involved in the structural analysis & designing of concrete & steel. Here are some key features of the course module that we focus on within the course:

  • The first module starts with the process of the installation procedure of ETAB software.

  • The second module covers the advantages of ETAB, explanation of the plan, the position of columns, beam, the centerline of the plan, etc.

  • The third module covers the modelling in ETAB, explanation of the plan, 3D view and elevation of ETAB.

  • The fourth module covers design parameters, calculation, assigning of load and assigning of various types of loads like DL, LL, WL, EL, load combination.

  • The fifth module covers the analysis of structure, explanation of deformation and storey displacement.

  • The sixth module of analysis of structure, explanation of shear force, bending moment and 2-2 &3-3.

  • The seventh module covers the analysis of structure, explanation of axial forces, torsion and its reactions.

  • The eighth module covers the design of beams and columns.

  • The ninth module covers the design of slabs.

  • The tenth module covers the detailing of the beam, column, and slab.

  • The eleventh module covers the optimization of the structure.

  • The twelfth module covers two typical examples of modelling of structure with lift and staircase.

ETABS Advance
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ETABS Advance

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Ankush Jain

I am Ankush Jain, a Structure Engineering Expert based in India.

Career Summary : Mr Ankush Kumar Jain is the mentor of the course. Mr Ankush Kumar Jain has submitted his PhD thesis and soon he will be awarded a doctorate degree from one of the prestigious Institutions in India. He is M.Tech. in Structural Engineering and B.Tech. in Civil Engineering. Mr Ankush Jain is having 10 Years of structural design experience. He has designed more than 200 residential and industrial structures. He has extensive experience working in STAAD Pro, E-TAB and SAP 2000. Ankush has designed industry-oriented courses and after learning his courses, students will be able to design, analyze and optimize the structures.

Professional Qualification : B. Tech, M.T.ech, PhD in Structure Engineering

Area of Expertise : Structure Engineering

LinkedIn Profile : https://www.linkedin.com/


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