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Civil Engineering Professionals

For Civil Engineering Professionals

Civil Engineering Professionals who spent a few years in the industry and would like to fast track their career in a specialized field, we are here to help. We are committed to enhancing the skills of those professional to fill the knowledge gap and empower them with adequate technical skills to move up in the career ladder. We have developed various module-based courses suitable for civil engineering business needs. Our training program has been developed with extensive research of Civil Engineering Industry, construction practices and the current demand. At the end of online courses, Online tests are conducted and passing grade percentages are provided. Our Certificates with unique QR Code and are provided after each course completion

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Our Mission

We aim to enhance the focused skills of civil engineering professional to fulfil the knowledge gap and share the best design and construction practices of the world. By doing this, we serve the Civil Engineering community and upskilling the existing technical workforce.

Market Research

Construction Industry is growing at a rapid pace and adopting new design and Construction Technologies such as 3D Design Software, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Robotic, Data analytics and Sophisticated Construction Practices. The problem persists when civil engineering professionals work very long using older technologies and do not get the opportunities to upskill their knowledge in latest technologies and left behind from their peers.

Engineering Course Curriculum Gap

The college curriculum is generally upgraded in 5 to 10 years cycle. This makes the situation worse for the professionals who completed their professional qualification a few years ago. They don’t always get the opportunity to work on the latest and greatest technologies. On top of that, the rapidly changing technology of design & construction practices, worsen this situation even further. As a result, the insufficient supply of professional civil engineers coupled with insufficient training creates an unhealthy sign for the industry.

Insight into the Industry- The Most Fundamental.

Civil Engineering Professional who are competent in a certain field and have aspirations to become project leader, find it difficult to move up in their ladder due to the lack of understanding of project management. Our courses provide complete knowledge and skills to run a project from concept to completion. Our course covers various stages ranging from the tender to various phases of design and construction and also includes Health & Safety Regulations and the quality assurance process.

Use of Design Standards

Professionals who work in a certain field for a longer period, generally get an adequate understanding of the design standards for that field. If they would like to explore another filed, they don’t find it easy to learn new design standards. Our courses make sure to help professional to understand the Design standards of every civil engineering field.

Software Training

Civil engineering firms globally use latest and greatest civil engineering software’s and project management tools to develop the design models and to construct it on site. We have a big basket of widely used civil engineering software training courses including Auto CAD, MX Road, Civil 3D, MS Office. We also provide specialized training courses such as traffic engineering, drainage engineering, project management, commercial management etc.

Understanding of Collaborative Work

Multinational companies use cross-functional teams across the globe to optimize the time and resource utilization and increase the productivity of civil engineering projects. As a result, high-end technologies such as WEBEX, ProjectWise, Virtual Licensing, Business Collaborator, etc. are extensively used. A sound understanding of collaborative working with multi-discipline team and knowledge of using efficient communication devices and technique is very important. It is expected from experienced professionals to know the use of these modern technologies. We provide online courses to train civil engineering professional in this field.

Understanding of Health & Safety Regulations

Sensitizing of the workforce regarding the safety risks in design, construction and the workplace holds a very important place within the Industry. Employees get training and exposure for this at every level and sensitization program is the top priority of the governments and the industry. Again, some exposure to this through case studies would be beneficial to Engineering Professionals.